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1st DSLR - Buy just the camera and kit lens or a bundle?

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by Mikey2341, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Mikey2341

    Mikey2341 Member


    I'm about to invest in my first DSLR camera after starting to take an interest in taking pictures of sporting events and landscapes with my phone and now want to take better pictures! Having looked around at some of the cameras I'm keen on, it would appear there seams to be some good value bundle options around including a variety of lenses and accessories. Am I as well just buying the kit lens as a starting point and learning to use that effectively first, or would I be better suited to purchasing the extra bits such as this:


    Thanks in advance
  2. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    This kit you link to contains a lot of kit, some it of dubious quality imho. I would advise you to buy just the camera body with kit IS lens from a reliable source and add to it later. For a telephoto zoom you would be better buying one with image stabilisation. The seller you link to seems to have a fair amount of negative feedback btw.
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  3. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    I agree with nimbus. The adds on are both cheap and also misrepresent what they really are. The two odd looking lenses are attachments and not really lenses in their own right, and they'll give you terrible quality images. Avoid. Just buy the basic kit (like this from Amazon) - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Canon-1300D-Camera-EF-S18-55-F3-5-5-6/dp/B01CU8JZPU - and buy more later.

    This assumes of course that Mikey2341 isn't just here advertising his own link on ebay ...
  4. Mikey2341

    Mikey2341 Member

    Thanks for the quick replies, that definitely isn't my advert! I had just seen a few like them on ebay and thought it looked to good to be true to get a decent bundle of kit for little money! I'll give that a miss and head to Jessops as originally planned.
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  5. Snorri

    Snorri Well-Known Member

    To be honest with you, you don't want the EF-75-300 it is not a good lens. There are 70-300 and these are the ones you want, for a good value kit you might ask them to bundle up a body with the kit 15-55 and get the EF-S 55-250mm IS II. This lens is light and well priced and it is actually pretty good.
  6. Mikey2341

    Mikey2341 Member

    Thanks, to be honest, I wasn't looking at that particular camera, I was just using the advert for reference. I'm torn between the Pentax K50 and the Nikon D3300 / 3400. The ebay advert for the Nikon said it was the last one, so I posted a similar advert for the same package with a different camera, in case someone said it was a great deal and I should go for it, and someone beat me too it!

    I've seen the Pentax with two lenses : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pentax-K-50-DSLR-Camera-18-55/dp/B00DC4BRQC?th=1

    I like the idea that this one is weatherproof and so may be better suited to getting wet watching cycle races?

    And the D3300 with kit lens https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01B5UZ4TA/ref=dp_cerb_1 and then was thinking this http://www.jessops.com/online.store...-f4-5-6-di-ld-macro-nikon-af--66332/show.html

    I like the built in dummy's guide of the D3300/4000's

    Hoping to have a play with them next weekend at Jessops....

    Still not sure if just to get the kit lens and focus on learning how to use that effectively first?
  7. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    The problem with Pentax is not the cameras themselves, but the fact is they are not widely stocked. nor are items that fit them. The Nikon D3300 is actually generally better specified than the D3400, it's eventual replacement, so out of these two I would go for the D3300, but make sure it has the VR kit lens. The Tamron you linked to is good value, but it is not as good as the preferable 70-300 with VC image stabilisation, which is very useful when hand-holding such a lens. Most disappointment with the sharpness from longer lenses is actually down to camera shake, which the stabilisation greatly helps with.
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  8. Snorri

    Snorri Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with the Pentax and both Nikon and Canon will be fine. The Tamron you are looking at is the cheaper version, it is not bad optically but it does not have image stabilisation, it can be an issue at the long end that said it is good for the money you pay. You might want to look at the SP version SP70-300VC UCD I know this is a much more expensive lens but it is one of the better ones for the Canon or Nikon in the nonPro glass .
    If you can try them out, get the feel of them and check out the logic then get the one that feels right and completable. The differences are very minor technically but having a camera that you actually like to use will make all the difference.
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  9. Mikey2341

    Mikey2341 Member

    Thank you for this, shame about the Pentax, I really liked the idea that it was a bit more robust!
  10. Snorri

    Snorri Well-Known Member

    nimbus beat me to it... Nothing wrong with starting with the kit lens and see where it gets you, still as you are talking about soprt events these usually benefit from a bit longer lens.
    As for the guide and creative modes imho the are useless... What I mean is that if you learn how to use Aperture priority, Shutter priority and the P mode you will never need them and usually people find them restrictive as the camera tries to control to much.
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  11. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    You haven't indicated your location so it is difficult to recommend any specialists in your area. However, if you are near Watford there is SRS who are Pentax specialist stockists. If you really want the Pentax, go for it but not without trying all the possible cameras. Also, if you try it in a shop, please buy it there not online to save a few quid. Pay the shop back for their help by giving them your money.
  12. Mikey2341

    Mikey2341 Member

    Sorry, I'm in Grimsby which depending on who you talk to is either the North East or the East Midlands! Don't worry, I'll buy it from the shop I try them in, I do the same with my bikes. You can't beat some friendly help and I've found they will always help when you are coming back for more bits and bobs!
  13. peterba

    peterba Well-Known Member

    Have look here. There seem to be some Pentax dealers in your area - if not close, then at least not too far away.
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  14. Mikey2341

    Mikey2341 Member

    Thanks, Found one in Lincoln who seams to have a decent deal on the Nikon too> :)
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  15. Ffolrord

    Ffolrord Well-Known Member

    I have never had a problem buying Pentax gear and accessories. If you want to use a camera in the rain you won't do better than a Pentax. Mine have been soaked many a time - with rain and with seawater (after which I rinse the camera under the tap),.
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  16. Mikey2341

    Mikey2341 Member

    Thanks, do you have the K50? How do you find it?
  17. Ffolrord

    Ffolrord Well-Known Member

    I don't.

    What I'd recommend is not to bother so much about reviews, which are fine up to a point. Both will perform well enough and will in any case require much pricier lenses to take full advantage of, so look at the features and specs you need. Most importantly see which one just feels right.

    The Pentax is probably a year older but better construction. Noise performance is probably on a par but the Nikon has more megapixels (if you need them). The Pentax has a better viewfinder - 100% pentaprism vs the Nikon a 95% pentamirror. Pentax has blow everything else away weather sealing. Nikon probably wins on autofocus, especially tracking. Pentax has in-body stabilisation so it works with any lens. If you want stabilisation with Nikon you have to get vr lenses. I couldn't tell you about video since it doesn't interest me. Neither camera has a top lcd screen, which would bug me. There are other things as well but I'd have a think about what you need.
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  18. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    I agree that all that Tony and Nimbus and all who have commented on the accessories on offer. Funnily I have just bought a 1300D - it was an 18th birthday present for a grandson, I bought it at John Lewis and just got the body plus the stabalised lens, a memory card and a case and it is a very nice camera although I am sure it's rivals also are. Funnily enough the feature that really excited him was the wi-fi connection to a smart phone
  19. Mikey2341

    Mikey2341 Member

    For sports photography, am I correct in thinking the tracking is a big feature? At events like the Tour de France I can be sat for hours for waiting for literally 15 seconds worth of excitement! I want to make sure I get something that will have the ability to take some nice shots once I've learned what I am doing. Up to now I just tap the button on my iPhone as fast as I can and hope one or two of them come out ok!!
  20. Ffolrord

    Ffolrord Well-Known Member

    Give them a try.

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